Tips on Different Types of Jewelry Boxes

Today we discuss different type of jewelry boxes for organize your latest fashion jewelry and What type of jewelry case or jewelry organizer is right for you? basically tt depends on the size of your jewelry collection and what kind of jewelry storage needs you have. Types of Jewelry Boxes Jewelry Box                 Jewelry Armoire       … Continue reading Tips on Different Types of Jewelry Boxes

Winter 2016 is Here

Inspired by the unique Nordic landscape, the Hillberg & Berk Autumn—Latest Fashion Jewelry Winter 2016 collection incorporates raw, earthy elements and an icy palette to evoke a sense of crisp, vast panoramas bright with fallen snow. Motivated by the remarkable Nordic scene, the Hillberg and Berk Autumn—Winter 2016 accumulation consolidates crude, hearty components and a frosty palette to bring out a feeling of fresh, unfathomable … Continue reading Winter 2016 is Here