Winter 2016 is Here

Inspired by the unique Nordic landscape, the Hillberg & Berk Autumn—Latest Fashion Jewelry Winter 2016 collection incorporates raw, earthy elements and an icy palette to evoke a sense of crisp, vast panoramas bright with fallen snow.

latest fashion jewelry

Motivated by the remarkable Nordic scene, the Hillberg and Berk Autumn—Winter 2016 accumulation consolidates crude, hearty components and a frosty palette to bring out a feeling of fresh, unfathomable displays brilliant with fallen snow.


Sudden, uneven examples and surfaces are additionally utilized with reason to represent the common defects and rich hides known to polar situations.

latest fashion jewelry

Wrap up and grasp the sentiment sub zero air and unlimited skies as the AW16 accumulation takes you on a cool trip North.

latest fashion jewelry

latest fashion jewelry



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